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Shore of Words
Neetu Wali
Genre: Philosophy
Language: English
ISBN: 978-93-80112-07-7
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No. of Reviews: 4
Paperback: Rs. 199
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by Neetu Wali
The book is a collection of positive and inspiring thoughts and subtle aspects of life woven into Zen Koans and simple poetry. Zen Koans are thoughts carved out of real life to put an end to random logics of the mind.

As the author puts it, this book is the butter churned out of her rippling soul.

The words are a reflection of thirty five mirrors with every mirror reflecting a year of her life. Everybody blows candles but she had developed a tradition of breaking the mirror at every year end of her life. It is a very interesting game. The basic rule of this game is, ‘Spare the mirror to get a stinky soul.’ Your reflection at the end of every year should necessarily need a new mirror to fit into, or else you are out of the game. Therefore, the old mirror has to give way to the new one.

The book is an effort to let the stinky souls refresh.
Neetu Wali
I am an Aquarian. It is said that Aquarians are cut out for creativity. So, these creative pieces had to happen anyway. My Grandpa inspired me to join these pieces together into a book. It feels great when you get to share your creativity with the world.

The thoughts expressed in my book are not something unique. They are the most usual and basic ones, parked somewhere at the basement of our minds. This book is an effort to bring them out of the dusty and murky parking lots.

I believe that this world is a big canvas and we all have to paint our lives out of it. Our lives cannot move without our support. We are the wheels of our lives, life cannot make us move. We are answerable to our lives, but cannot question it.

There is no definite identity of mine,except that, I am one out of the millions out there.
  Searing, magnificent, distilled yet raw .....looking forward to the next  
Posted by ...Naresh Warikoo
on Saturday, March 13 2010
  The sample Excerpts are fabulous. The comparison of mirror and life in your book is simply great.  
Posted by ...Geeta Potti
on Friday, September 04 2009
  Wow! always trusted your true talent. Looking forward to much more  
Posted by ...Subashwali@hotmail.co.uk
on Wednesday, August 12 2009
  sample excerpts displayed are excellent in poetry and thought.  
Posted by ...Neeru Misri
on Thursday, July 16 2009
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